Mustang Engine Start/Stop Racing Cap Cover (RHD AU/EU Models)


Super Car Inspired Styling Bright Red Automotive Grade ABS Plastic Cover Simple Peel-N-Stick Installation

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Super Car Inspired Styling Bright Red Plastic Construction Simple Peel-N-Stick Installation

Finally made for RHD!  Very excited to introduce The Mustang Start/Stop Racing Cap Button Cover adds supercar inspired styling to your already aggressive S550 Mustang boasting supercar style with high tech gauges, switches, and knobs. This Modern Muscle Start Button cover can make your interior pop giving you a Fast and Furious feel. This simple flip-up cover having a very glossy red finish is manufactured from an automotive grade ABS plastic with superior durability, something that is used on a lot of OEM parts as well as some high-quality aftermarket parts.

Installation should take you about 10 to 15 minutes and is a very easy process. The back of the Mustangs Start Button Cover has pre-applied very thin 3M automotive bonding tape making this one a very simple install. Before installation, you have to make sure the start button is as clean as possible. You can thoroughly clean the surface around the start button with an alcohol prep pad. Then peel the 3M tape and place the cover over the top of the start button.